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That Place Where You Opened Your Hands, March 2020, University of Massachusetts Press

“The Place Where You Opened Your Hands is a powerful, challenging and uplifting investigation into the language of doubt, memory and the nature of the heart. It is a book of heartbreak but also transformation. The poems are acts of lyric levitation.”  —Ed Skoog, author of  Run the Red Lights, and Travelers Leaving for the City

“From its beginning, I was compelled by That Place Where You Opened Your Hands’ intriguing intersections, its unpretentious surrealism, lonely wit, plainspoken musicality, and improvisational formalism. I am charmed by this speaker, this ‘animal inside a ghost of those who came before me,’ who takes us with her as she reaches over the threshold of the self’s interiority into a numinous natural world.”—Diane Seuss, author of Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks and a Girl: Poems

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